Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designing isn't always easy.....

It's been ages since I posted anything that I thought was "worthy" of anyone's attention.   Lately I seem to find myself running away from anything creative and I'm not at all sure why.  EXCEPT that my sewing space is still under construction as everything seems to take priority over the drudgery of manual labor!  I am ever so hopeful that I will be back in my space soon!  That being said, I do have a project that I must get done!

Once again, the gremlins are hard at work and what I thought to be a pretty easy design has become the most frustrating of tasks.  First, knowing that I was spending a few weeks in Tennessee to help my daughter get through the last few weeks of classes and her finals, I packed my supplies....any I didn't have, I could buy in Tennessee....right?     Well, I packed a pleater than I'd never used's Pullen pleater.   Have you ever NEEDED A PLEATED INSERT RIGHT NOW-only to have the unfortunate luck to either have dull needles or something the gremlins are having a laugh fest  about!  After breaking 6 needles trying to pleat an insert, the GREMLINS WON......almost.  I did manage to pleat enough of a panel to work on a design if I can only get my mind off tracking down and doing away with those gremlins!!!!    

The new design is getting a much slower pace. My graph paper actually came in handy for this design.   I normally just put needle and thread  to fabric to begin a design idea.  Right now, I'm pretty sure what the design will center around and am trying to get some cute inspiration for borders because I  always have trouble with that ever so important design element that frames the design.   I am, however, one that thinks if the central design is so busy and "important", I will  not take the emphasis away by creating a complicated border.   Back to work for me...... please wish  me luck!!