Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sharing Cinderella.....Circa 1985

This is for those that have so graciously asked many times about my Cinderella Design plate.  As I do know that the original design will not be published again, I think sharing it might be a good idea.  It was first published in 1985 at my daughter's request.  As you can imagine, Granddaughter Emma wore a Cinderella dress and it was one of her favorites.  

With focusing on family in recent years, it was so frustrating not to get things done as I had planned.  However, after so many requests for it, I just thought that it should be shared.  Now comes the problem.  Remembering how to add photos to this blog and have them readable.  So, in that light, I have tried to create pages that you might use to recreate the design.  

The Cinderella design is not a complex design but I think that it is probably an intermediate level for most smockers.  I hope that the photos that I have prepared will give you enough information to smock this design for someone special.   Here you will find the graph and stitch-by-stitch instructions taken from the original design plate.  

I hope that those that have asked about this design can find it here.  I love smocking and really love seeing it being enjoyed as our Miss Emma so often did.  The dress she is wearing is actually one done by a commercial manufacturer who used the Cinderella design with a few changes...without permission and without any design credit.   Oh well, Miss Emma wore Cinderella and totally enjoyed it.  

Happy Smocking,