Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrating Ten Years

Our first grandchild, Austin, turned ten years old last week.

Daughter, Aimee, Austin and me.

Austin wearing "Sailor Ducks" Disney of course!

Where do those precious years go? I feel the years are falling away too quickly.
I work everyday to keep those memories close to my heart and wish time
would just slow a tiny bit. Long enough to catch my breath.
Austin is such a sweet child with a tender heart. As most kids today, he's growing out of those
childhood years much earlier than necessary....a sign of the times.
And yes, I will worry that his heart will be broken.

The center bottom photo of the collage was the day his parents
took him to live for four years in Hanau, Germany.
We were so fortunate to be able to visit him so many
times while they were living there. Everything has a silver lining....right.
That was when Delta had to furlough pilots after 9/11 and
we had more time than money. Luckily we traveled on
Delta's dime for all those trips.
What was more funny was that Austin at age 2 thought
Nana and Papa lived at the Frankfurt airport!

Happy Smocking,


Goosegirl said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome Austin! It is so funny that he thought you lived at the airport!
Have a happy and beautiful Saturday Gwen. I FINALLY got my copy of SB and your beautiful, lovely, darling, wonderful Alice design is in it and you know I am over the moon about it. It is on my smocking list for the next few weeks. However today, I have a ball gown to finish!!!
Happy Saturday. I pray you are blessed today.

Rettabug said...

"Happy 10th Birthday, Austin!!" What a handsome little dude he is & his mommy is beautiful...just like HER mommy. :-) Great 3 generation photo, Gwen! Frame it!!!

I was tickled PINK to find your delightful 'Alice' smocking plate in the newest SB. Thank you SO much for making it available. I want to go run & pleat something so I can start it right away.
My sweet Caroline turns 6 next month & soon she will be too big for smocking dresses. ;-( I have to make as many as I can right now!

I laughed at your comment on my blog about the family blocking you from access to all the lace & linens in Venice. I bought several tablecloths while there & I cherish them. I posted about them here:

and here:

Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Gwen,
Those little sailor ducks are so cute on Austin! I smocked one or two things for son when he was small, it is definitely an art! I just love it...hope there will always be someone out there who smocks...seems like needlework and those wonderful things are being done less and less.
Gwen, if you or your hubby use the Olympic deck cleaner, it will most likely remove a good bit of that old thin stain and then you can restain with Cabot or Sikkens...both of those are supposed to be really good. The Olympic deck cleaner has bleach in it and it really strips off mold and stuff. My painters had put on the stain so thinly that it removed some of that, too, I think. So you may be able to stain over it once you clean. Hope that helps!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Thank you for your sweet visit :)
Following you back.
Have a great week end.
Gros bisous